Estes Express Lines

Estes Express Lines

We offer a Global Logistics Network with our worldwide offices and also high quality distribution facilities which are staffed by dedicated teams of the top of experts. We have more than 30 years of experiences in this field.

Our experienced team will provide a solution to fit all your freight requirements. Whatever your particular requirements, We will provide you with real time visibility for tracking your shipment both locally and internationally.

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Your package safety is our no. 1 priority

We always deliver no matter the condition. Your shipment is secured in our agency and it gets to you in perfect shape.

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Estes Express Lines

We’re delivering with advanced technology and equipment to over 160 million addresses across the country. Use our online shipping services to send packages when it’s convenient for you. Plus, get help with advertising to reach customers at home.



The first methods of road transport were horses, oxen or even humans carrying goods.


Air cargo is any property carried or to be carried in an aircraft. Air cargo comprises air freight, air express.


Our pet relocation specialists have helped hundreds of clients to relocate their beloved pets to reach their new homes

Reach your destination 100% sure and safe

We will take care of your cargo or your pasenger and deliver them safe and on time! Estes Express Lines is an International Freight forwarding Company in the world. It was formed in the year 1960 with a dedicated team of professionals having wide experience in the field of freight forwarding. Estes Express Lines adopts “Flat Matrix Management” and sets up departments of Sea Freight, Air- Freight, International Express, International Land Transportation and Overseas Marketing. By building responsive and creative corporate culture,

Non-dock Delivery Services For Homes And Businesses That Can Reach Your Clients Wherever They Are .
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Safe delivery of your package remains our primary goal.
Estes Express Makes Sure your stay in the know on issues relating to shipping trends
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We adjust each of your unique delivery needs